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Just Governance depends on citizens as much as on governments.

That is the concept underlying Human Security, an approach which has been adopted by the UN General Assembly for UN programs worldwide. It puts the individual at the centre of security planning, aiming to meet their basic needs and confront the causes of their fears.

Central to this approach is the struggle for integrity in governance at every level – in parliaments and governments, and in education, industry, business and civic affairs.

Each year Caux conferences bring together people active in this struggle. Some come from countries under authoritarian rule, others from emerging or established democracies. At Caux everyone has the opportunity to share their own experience, and learn from others. The agenda is shaped by the situations they face.

Just Governance for Human Security will focus on structures of governance, but even more on the human factors. It recognises that good structures are created by people of integrity, vision and courage. It also recognises that even the best structures can be corrupted, especially if citizens are apathetic.

The conference is concerned, therefore, with the human factors which enable both leaders and citizens to work effectively towards an inclusive, democratic approach. What does it take to build a strong team? What sustains a person in the struggle to overcome oppression? What skills can help trust to grow in situations of intense mistrust?

The conference will also focus on a challenging aspect of governance – the wounded memories which, unhealed, undermine every attempt to sustain peace. Many people have found Caux a safe environment in which to bring these wounds into the open, and develop an agenda for healing.

The Forum will run from Saturday 12 July 2014 at 4.45pm until Thursday 17 July 2014 at 12.30pm