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Listen to our new podcasts to hear about inspiring initiatives of change, led by people from around the world who seek to create human security in their communities, cities and countries!

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2012 Caux Forum

The 2012 Forum took place from 8 to 15 July. Check out the highlights of the week here!

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About the Caux Forum

The Caux Forum for Human Security aims to build a worldwide coalition of conscience that recognises the importance of building trust among actors at all levels to achieve meaningful change.

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Announcing the 2014 Caux Conference season! This year the Caux Forum continues through several sessions: click here for the full conference program


YSecuring Thoughts Blog

Guest Post: Fighting for our lives September 14, 2012

Emotions are running high. We have seen a film and listened to Kevin Rudd, former Australian PM and Jackie Huggins, an aboriginal woman, sharing the story about how ‘The Sorry Day’ held in Australia on 13 February 2008 came to be. Kevin, as the then new PM honoured his pre-election commitment to publicly apologise on behalf of the Australian Government for the tragic legacy which British Colonial and then Australian governmental policies inflicted on aboriginal peoples and children. The impact on everyone was profound; more so on those whose communities and nations are still locked in the present-day or recent aftermath of struggle and violent conflict.

Guest post: Palace of the world September 12, 2012

Having learned that I’d successfully passed all of my units for year one of my MSc in Gender and International Relations, I packed up and left my accommodation in Bristol at the end of June to get ready for Switzerland. I had heard all about Caux from my Initiatives of Change (IofC) friends down under, and read about the conference center before my arrival, so I was rather excited.

Steps towards justice in the extraction of Africa's natural resources August 30, 2012

Richard Bowden, Director of Britain's Royal Africa Society, wrote an article in The Times of London on 24 August of great relevance to those of us who are working to answer the unjust way in which Africa's resources are exploited by more powerful countries.